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Customer ReTargeting


WordPress Plugin Customer Retargeting

Increase the conversion rate on your Landingpages by up to 20%!

  • The perfect tool for conversion optimization
  • Targets recurring users
  • Redirects them to a special landingpage

The Problem

Less than 10% of your users buy on the first landingpage visit. Until the most users are buying your product, they needs to visit your landingpage more than one time.
Time limited discounts increases the conversions rate, but are reducing the overall profit.

The Solution

Thanks to the WordPress Plugin Customer ReTargeting recurring users can be targeted and redirected to a custom offer.
The result: up to 20% better conversion rates and more profits.

How Customer ReTargeting works

Ready in seconds
The activation and configuration of the plugin is easy and simple

Bounce Jammer License
Customer ReTargeting Einstellungen

Fast Setup
To setup you need the following
  • Target url for the redirect
  • At which conditions the user shall be redirected
After that Customer ReTargeting setup and working.
Needless to say, you can also configure the conditions and the target for every page and post individually.
WordPress Plugin
Customer ReTargeting
  • Price 75,95 EUR
  • Multi-Domain License
  • Updates for version 1.x inclusive
  • German and english support
  • 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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